Nistune Test Only Release 0.13

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Nistune Test Only Release 0.13

Post by Matt » Sat Aug 10, 2013 4:26 pm

Version 0.13

Fixed bugs:
Fix odd/event bug with selecting offset
Fix consult RAM trace start/stop issues
Add special case display Z32 1996 ECU ID
Fixes for crashes in Type 1 USB code
Fixes for crash on progress bar update
Fix for address file string crash
Fix for sync crash
Larger VQ map resize window to display more text
Change VQ map definitions, HP amounts and new definition file format
Fix up throttle enrich % display
Fix J30 address file unused entries removed
Rename Start Enrich Throttle parameter
Fix J30 map highlighting and timing display
Romulator fixes for timeout and disconnects during tracing
Add clear remaining bytes on timeout
Fix fan control naming updates for on/off
Always display 2D graphics with filtered view
Remove 'image not opened' error when AFR trace auto opening
Use translation file for LHS table list pane
Fix button action on double click consult and sync buttons

Add injection time, injection trigger to addresses
Add AF alpha trimming parmeters for RB30/VG30
Display AF alpha trimming on main consult display and change naming on gauges
Update RB30/VG30 feedback flag definitions
Add new address file definitons
Add A32 Maxima and Z32 1996 updates to Nistune
Been a while since the last release. Added support for Type 4 OBD-II boards:
A32 VQ30DE (1995-1996 64K x 2 ROMs)
Z32 VG30DE/DETT (1996 64K x 2 ROMs)
S14 KA24DE (1996 64K x 2 ROMs)

Those boards are only in field test at the moment and waiting for feedback. So far one issue with STORE (burn) has been identified this week so I'm looking into that (on the Z32 model and potentially A32 model) and should be a firmware fix.

I'm adding new table definitions for throttle movement for SR20/KA24 models at the moment but still going through the code to clearly define the tables and that is taking a bit of time. TTPmin for 1995+ KA24DE, VQ30DE models does not exist like it used to in previous locations so checking that out also

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