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Erratic Idle and rough running.

Posted: Thu Jun 12, 2014 7:33 pm
by nanook
Ok this car has issues. Not long ago it idled and ran very smoothly

now most of the time it idles like crap, especially when cold it won't idle until you hold the revs for a few seconds and your lucky.

When you come to a stop it surges a bit like you pushing the gas, sometimes quickly stabilizes sometimes it takes longer. So before you can shift it into neutral its still trying to move the car as the revs go up and down.
When you shift from Drive to Neutral it drops revs and almost stalls sometimes (worst case).
From a cold start it struggles and needs a bit of gas most tmes for a few seconds or it will stall and sometimes still does..

Attached are 3 logs, one when everything was good and two showing injector spikes when its running like crap.
It does at brief times idle and run fine, just not for long.

Any ideas welcome.

Note: it turned out in this case to be the AAC Valve