VH45DE Cannot see nistune

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VH45DE Cannot see nistune

Post by LowDownDually » Sun Jun 21, 2020 7:19 am

I have a z32 with a vh45 swapped into it. ECU is a 91+ type 2
I can connect to 200zr with a rb25det neo, so I think my cable is fine. (I have 3 but all seem to work on the rb, not on this VH)
I bought the car already converted, so going through it, but it stopped starting. It cranks fine, coils have power with the key on, I also have fuel. I don't have spark. Swapped the relays in the harness (wiring specialties). ECU doesn't' have the green LED, not sure if these did or not, but did verify the nistune 2 is installed Ran great, drove home one day, and next day would not start. Turning the diag screw on the ECU to the left, I get no flashing on the red LED, counterclockwise it shows a solid red. Any ideas what to check?

91 Z32
Wiring Specialties harness
VH45DE, rear mount turbos

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Re: VH45DE Cannot see nistune

Post by Matt » Mon Jun 22, 2020 11:33 am

Cranking has nothing to do with the ECU, so that just means the starter motor works

Sounds like the ECU has stopped for some reason... the fact you cannot connect and also no spark. VH45DE ECU should have a single red LED which is lit, except in diagnostic mode or when running

Check the socket and board installation. If that looks good, then maybe see if getting the board reflashed helps (contact one of the US workshops on our website like AVP, CZP, Houston Z who have a programmer). I would normally get the ECU posted here, but we have big postage delays due to COVID

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