Rich Throttle Transistion

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Re: Rich Throttle Transistion

Post by Sawgunner » Tue Jul 28, 2020 8:44 pm

Sorry about that. I had made this thread, then later on with the same issues I made another with a couple different questions. Attached are my current tune and a log. TP at 0ATM is in the range of 32-36. Max load hitting 65-70. That is in preparation for the bigger turbo or id have it hitting a higher tp under max load. Injectors are id1050x, latency is set to the ID recommended .930ms. I do have an excellent log of the closed loop chase, other parts of the log you can also observe the rich throttle problems, and there is also a pretty good WOT pull at the end.

Chasing closed loop timestamp- 3:43-3:44.672 Some really funky stuff going on there.

Until I did the injectors I did not have the closed loop issue, I had the maf scaled for a different power level so a different slightly different K, but I wonder if the TIM is causing a problem because that is significantly lower than it was (300 vs 512)

That hardware hack sounds interesting. My only concern is messing with the enrichment too much, because it doesn't seem to make a difference changing it until a point, and it becomes un-drivable. Curious to know some sort of fix like that. I wonder if capping the voltage output somehow could make a different, give it that 50% enichment (2000mv?) but above that when it maybe doesnt need it, have nothing, so a cap at 2.5v maybe.

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Re: Rich Throttle Transistion

Post by mtnickel » Wed Jul 29, 2020 4:12 pm

Hardware limit may be a no go...deep diving in the nistune forums, I think Matt mentioned the Z32 ecu limits pulse width to 1.5ms if below a certain throttle position. Probably will cause more troubles than it's worth.

I'm going to bust out my ostrich emulator and try a different (non-feature pack) base image and see if those tip in tables do anything or if running condition is similar.

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Re: Rich Throttle Transistion

Post by Matt » Fri Jul 31, 2020 10:24 am

Let me know how that goes. I'll re-check these on the bench (give me some time with that) and go through this again. Sounds like I might need to see if there are other O2 parameters (load related) which can be shifted to the left

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