CA18DET trying to make sense of recent log

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CA18DET trying to make sense of recent log

Post by Dustin792 » Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:08 am

hey guys, wondering if someone can take a look at a log i made. basically i am having issues with idle on my ca18det, last time i looked at the vehicle i thought it might be an issue with the TPS sensor but im not sure. Big things im noticing are when warmed up the car starts fine and sits at 10 deg timing(stock for japanese 8 port intake with butterflies) and TPS at .44, also MAF at 0.99 . Then if i rev past around 3000 RPM the idle will start to fluctuate from 750(timing will be at 22 deg) to 1200(timing will be at 30 deg) RPM and just continues to do so. Have updated feature pack. Also running another persons tune as of now and haven't touched the tuning at all. Just trying to figure out if i should go ahead trying to get the AFR right at 2000 RPM or if this could be a larger issue that i need to address before starting to get things dialed in. Also doesn't seem to have a vacuum leak, its steady at 20" at idle. any help is appreciated. (around 20 seconds on log i rev to 3200 rpm and that is when the fluctuating happens)

1989 nissan 240sx
updated feature pack
800cc Deatchworks low impedence
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