Ca18det map help

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Ca18det map help

Post by Pointz » Mon Jul 08, 2019 10:04 am

First post here, New to nistune.

Car went for mapping last week but mapper couldn't get after crank enrichment high and it is running rich all the time.

Cruising afr is around 11
Idle between 10 & 11
Full boost 10-10.5

Obviously other than on boost this is not right.

The car also has a stutter at approx 3k revs.

Any pointers on what I can do myself to resolve this?

Spec is-
Garrett 2871r turbo
Greddy profec spec 2 at 1.3bar
660cc injectors
Fully forged
Tomei poncams (oem setting)
Z32 maf

I also noticed when looking on nistune at the file that it has the ecu code as a 39f05 which is a lambda ecu whereas the actual car is a non lambda model.

I have attached the bin file of the map.
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Re: Ca18det map help

Post by louiswun » Wed Jul 10, 2019 4:48 pm

what fuel are you running ?
what brand injector are you running ? do you know the injector dead time ? low or high resistance ?

If you are running pump fuel gasoline , thats too much timing advance for 1.3 bar.

Refer to your main fuel map, it seems that your tuner was trying to reduce fueling on low laod, ( it looks like latency is too high causing too much fuel on low end) and it is not a correct way to control fueling.
Either the K Constant 335 and or the 1150 injector latency is way too high for that 660cc injectors.

Using a lambda ecu without connected a lambda sensor is not a problem.

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Re: Ca18det map help

Post by Pointz » Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:39 am

Injectors are TFL performance from America been flow tested etc and are good.

Using 99ron fuel, still have the oem injector resistor so low impendance?

I feel the injectors are potentially staying open for too long.

How much timing advance should it be running?

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