Type 1 with DLP IO 8

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Type 1 with DLP IO 8

Post by Claudman » Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:27 am


I got DLP IO8 to support the PLX SM-AFR via the analog output and it worked fine while on my old computer. Got a tune done and everything was working.

Six months later and new laptop with Win7 and installed new version of nistune and DLP drivers. Adusted the file in the DLP directory for the range of the output of the PLX MA-AFR (0, 10 to 5, 20) as before and the wideband reads 9 and does not change. Voltage output on the analog out on the PLX is moving up and down as it should.

To troubleshoot I disconnected the wideband from the PLX per their instructions and the voltage output from the device is a constant 2.3 volts on the analog out that is connected to the input 1 on the DLP IO8. Still the wideband reads 9.0 in Nistune with the proper DLP selected as the Wideband. If I move the analog out from input 1 to input 3 on the DLP, Nistune shows the voltage correctly in AUX box, so the DLP is working.

I have attempted to get a log in Nistune but cannot find a log file anywhere. Is there any method to create a log file from Nistune. I have looked in the log file where the normal logs are found as CVS files, but cannot find a log file.

I am running the most current version from your site 10.4 I believe.

Let me know what to do.

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