fatal disconnects

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fatal disconnects

Post by bachig24u » Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:30 pm

Hi Matt,
I finally installed a type 1 board I purchased a while back...
also had a hard/software issue with an older tried and tested type 1board.

vehicle 1:
Been getting fatal disconnects, and what appears to be usb bus hang requiring physical disconnect/reconnect to get consult working.

I have attached the log files which had the error recorded in them.
Didn't seem to need to open close nistune to recover from them.

On 14/03/12
vehicle 2:
had a situation on a different type 1 board and vehicle where nistune locked up and became non-responsive, I was unable to end task, I tried opening another instance and found that I could not end either of them.
only way to resolve was reseat usb which allowed nistune to let go of its locked up state and close.

machine: W7 32bit bare bones flavour for ecm apps only with MSE for base virus protection.
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