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This burns me up

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:23 pm
by 4x4le ... ost2941719

There is a guy on a zilvia that thinks he is the only person in the world that knows how to tune or something. He thinks each tuning company should give him something. He has really made himself out to be a dumbass worse than I ever thought.

I dont know if anyone in here has a zilvia account but weather you do or not check out the thread and let me know what you guys think.
I hope Im not coming off unprofessional. Id like to think that Im making my points well. Be honest and tell me what you guys think.

Matt Brown, I especially wonder what you think about my points to him. Is there any message you want me to give him? I know its kinda childish that I got into this pissing match online however as many people that listen to his every word, and considering discussion of nistune on zilvia and my presence on there to help out our customers is where most of our sales come from so I want to keep the air clear about what nistune is all about on that site.

Check out the link guys.

Brandon Ater
AutoVaughn Performance

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 8:31 pm
by TM_S13
to it gives the following message:
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Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:44 pm
by 4x4le
yea it got deleted. I guess yall will never get to see it.

a guy that gets lots of praise on there normally got a little full of himself and suddenly became a nistune expert although he never used it. he said nistune is a weak ass wannabe standalone ect. Kept telling lies about everything. Was telling people that all the nistune dealers are con artists because software is supposed to be and should be free. Was calling us cheap hobos for going that rout instead of haltech. Said nistune tells people to use their knock sensor and street tune in order tune their car (which I have never heard anyone repping this company say that).
That is the reason however I wish knock detection was not offered. People have too much of a false sence of security with that feature. People ask me about it and I tell them to not even worry about it, the factory kock senser is not and never will be a high enough quality listening device to be something you should tune with. Basicially offering that feature put a bunch of words in NIStunes mouth. I plainly said because the ecu counts knock, and nistune is just a modified stock ecu it has the capablilty of displaying that data.

Well Im tired, the thread is gone, no biggy now.

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 3:07 pm
by Matt
There are a lot of people who have only tuned standalone systems and without properly trying alternatives can easily criticise things

Other systems such as Hondata and other ECU flash tuning systems for other vehicles have proven an important point in reusing and remapping the existing manufacturers ECU.

You get the same control and stability of a factory system as before but with the facility to change the settings. The Japanese have tuned high power vehicles using simler software and emulators for a long time with excellent results

Nistune is also significantly cheaper than other units such as Vipec, Haltec etc. Yes it doesnt have the extra features that those units do, but many users do not require those features. If they do then we recommend then they go for the aftermarket alternative. Nistune has found its place in the Nissan tuning world primarily aimed at forum users like us who wanted to tune their own Nissan ECU but without the need to understand hex code and electronics to perform these tasks. From about five years ago when I first started working with the Z31 guys with the emulators and then PLMS the system has grown into something which has worked well for many people

With regards to the software, anyone knows that when you purchase a piece of hardware, the cost of the software is factored into the price. However since Nistune is a flexible system which works with consult cables, emulators and can be used with different types daughterboards, including calumsult ones, we had to split the cost of the software from the hardware. Particularly with workshops who just need the one license and work with many customers

Our costs had to also factor in the time to support customers who are having either problems with a paritcular vehicle or for future upgrades to fix defects in software and investigating ECUs for updating address files etc.

Typically one would purhcase a board wtih the software, however daily we process split orders for workshops and for individuals who order mutiple boards for themselves and their friends. Charging an inflated price for the board to cover software does not work for all cirsumstances, and costs more for international customers who pay high duties (some parts in Europe especially I've noticed duty can be 50%-80% on top of the cost of the order)

Knock detection is something that has been requested on these forums and we are working on. However as you mention, it is NOT a replacement for knock headphone

The reason is simple - the ECU uses a filter to pick up knock and some engnine noises are picked up as knock, whilst some knock falls outside the filter and is not detected. It may assist in addition to knock headphones but is not intended to be a replacement.

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 3:11 pm
by Matt

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 3:46 pm
by 4x4le
Matt, I tried to beat it in his brain what you said. I really wish you would have been able to see the thread. The link you posted is the new one as the old one was deleted.
The dude ended up looking like a tool and the general consensus was "he dont sound old enough to drive a car, let alone tune one."

Nistune is hurting his business by showing people that although tuning isnt something you can learn over night, it is something you can do yourself. Therefor he felt the need to attack it.

He said he wants to start tuning it but still wants the software free........ I think Steve Shadows from shadow works should be posted up as a black listed tuner, and any shop that sells him a license should be fined. Who the hell wants someone that thinks the system is a joke tuning it for them anyways? His heart wont be in it and he may pop your motor so he can "prove" a point and blame the system.

His antics in this thread actually caused some people to be pissed off and now are harrassing him at his home and shop in Souther California. Some people just dont realize there are real people on the internet...........

He said that nistune should be given out for free to major tuner shops. I told him that since you dont have to use a nistune board in order to tune people would take their free software, tune with emmulators and make the very company that came up with the software that is always updating it go extinct and then you would end up with nothing again.

I also told him that if he wants to tune a nissan ecu with free software go get tuner pro (and have a fun time with it). If he wants something nice (NIStune) you have to step up to the plate and pay for it.

He must not be tuning as many cars as he likes to think he is if he cannot afford the software. 1 tune at his rates would cover the tuners license. I guess 2 hours of tuning time is woth too much to him.

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 8:27 am
by MichaS14a
Sorry, but what problems are going on around? :?:

NIStune is not perfect, but what is perfect in this world???
NIStune is for me the BEST solution for the best price and a good symbiosis between the original ECU and a totaly free programmable ECU for my car.

The support is MORE than good and the known problems are in work.
Look for a bad example e.g. at the forum of BikiROM => no progress, no live in it, blocking of deeper informations. (my point of view)

I am very glad to choose NIStune as the favorite mapping solution as I have the feeling, that @Matt WORKS on the existent problems. :D

And if I am able to help to find new issues: I am working with him! And THATS the true ghost of working together! Even If I am not so deep in the inner technical things as I want to be (e.g. programming in assembler). :wink:

The Nissan community is very tiny and we have to work TOGETHER and not against each other. That is the only way to get what we all want. :)

EDIT: corrected some spelling mistakes :-)

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 6:11 pm
by skylinegtrhr
Well we here in Croatia have similar problem - biggest "enemy" of NIStune are guys who don't even have car ( I don't have to say that they think that K-constant is some kind of medical term ) and biggest advocates are those professionals who already use some other system because they are delighted with NIStune very simple and effective software.

But nothing to worry - this is good product and good product sell it self.

And as for additional functions like launch control, You can buy Gizmo launch control ( excellent stuff, adjustment with two buttons no need for laptop like on most standalone ECU) and NIStune board for double less money then any standalone ECU with that function,
something with NOS controller and as for multiple maps- how many times You REALLY need that?

Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2009 5:49 pm
by raddy
hi all, thats surprise, we get same nistune judgements around our local nissan forum, again from "experts" :)
if you want to proove nistune abilities, show some results, that will shut them up... I dont think that we are reached all limits of standard ecu abilities and when I saw burning tyres at dyno of z31 that I tuned with nistune, I just said, wow, that was easy...actually it recorded 11s at 215km/h and thats still with traction issues and standard gearbox...and standard ecu with nistune. Guys at dyno or drag strip asking about what kind of ecu is used. Is so funny to say standard:)
Nistune allows me and many others to do what they need to do-remap standard ecu to fit our requirements and I can confirm that it do it as for 200hp same like for 700hp. But results are made by tuner, not just by ecu. Remember how was rules of engine tuning developed, collect knowledge, not standalone ecus:)

Re: This burns me up

Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2014 10:42 pm
by Rapper Gami
I am having a blast with the nistune I just recv'd. Just learning how to tune ecu's. This product would really sell in Japan- but... The magazine I first saw Nistune in was called "Option" Magazine and the Japanese shop that posted it wanted too much money for it. It would run you about $1000 bucks. No one is going to pay that much for a system they never heard of when they can get a power fc or an f-con for the same price! I researched and kablaaaaam - The product from Nistune company is affordable and had good reviews! Once i finish my setting i am going to push it on all my japanese friends!!!!

Re: This burns me up

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 8:14 pm
by Matt
Good to hear. We are getting quite a few japanese tuner orders now. The current distributors who sell them have adapted Nistune translation files to Japanese language so it is starting to get more exposure over there