A Nistune story

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A Nistune story

Post by sr20truck » Sat Feb 03, 2018 3:04 am

I made friends with this guy who has been drifting 240sx since his abandonment of S10 trucks. I showed him my sr20det and introduced him to what it can do in stock form over a ka24de. He was hooked. Then wanted more. He built his engine and slapped on some nismo 550cc injectors which flowed to 670cc at 4 bar, a z32 afm, and an s15 turbo. I tuned it for him with Nistune and he was able to keep up with a 2jz 240sx at the drift event. He never lifts his foot just like the other guy. He blew up the turbo because he ignored my warning of not to increase boost further without a retune. He decided to refresh the car first which turned into a complete build. He went into incredible detail to rebuild and modify the car with only the choicest of parts among others which were fabricated from scratch such as the fenders, inner/outer crash bars, and link system to lay back the frame mounted wing to open the hatch without the weight of it on it. There is blue pearl on every part even the carbon fiber wing. He works at a collision repair shop and his boss believes in him so allows him the space to work on his project after hours. This is where he is now, enclosed is a picture of his photo for consideration to PPG's calendar bearing the same Nistune sticker I placed on his quarter window. So kind of Matt to bundle them in purchases I make. The other news is the motor experienced obvious detonation and needs a rebuild again as it sits in my garage awaiting decisions. I felt it to be appropriate to share with everyone. We hope to see him this summer in the Midwest punishing tires again with his new gtx turbo and higher duration cams. Enjoy.
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