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Nistune Installer not running after download?

Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2016 5:57 pm
by Matt
Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista have enabled program 'blocking' features by default

When an application is downloaded from another unknown zone (like the Internet) then it is enabled by default, and double clicking the Nistune installer file will not execute.

This has been found to happen with any Nistune installer from version 1.2.54 onwards when we had to install dual certificate code signing to the file (SHA1/SHA256) to allow Internet Explorer etc to download it and Windows to allow installation on Windows 8, 10 without issue

Vista seems to be blocking thse dual code signed applications (since 1 Jan 2016). Google search on ‘vista blocking’ will show many other people have issues with this and other downloads like itunes etc

What you need to do is right click the Nistune 1.2.62 etc file and then Properties and click the ‘Unblock’ icon. Then you can run it as normal