Needing some expertise please

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Needing some expertise please

Post by Stani1029 » Mon Apr 12, 2021 9:41 am

So i have had a nistune board fitted to a gtir ecu and its running on an almera gti loom and turbo engine in a nissan micra. It runs well apart from the cold start where it leans a little (mapping is coming up soon) the reason for the post is to try and understand a few error codes showing up on the software.

I have a knock sensor fault where it says to check the continuity and occasionally it will show another message stating it has switched to the knock map

The other error is to do with the neutral switch, it says it is continuously on or off cant quite remember which!

Now i have checked wiring for both of these and they seem to be going into the correct pinouts at the ecu, knock is 27 and neutral is 35.

Neutral switch has been checked and seems to work correctly

All help advice is appreciated, thanks

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Re: Needing some expertise please

Post by Matt » Tue Apr 13, 2021 8:14 am

These are more general Nissan wiring / diagnostic questions than tuning related but I'll answer this anyway:

Neutral switch - displays on the Consult view panel. Check it is 'red' when in neutral, and that turns off when changing into gear. If it is stuck 'read' when changing into gear then your input (pin 35) is potentially grounded continuously

There wont be an error code for Neutral from the ECU, but you will get a 'warning' in the status panel if we detect neutral switch on in higher RPMs. If the indicator seems to work okay in consult view from your testing then you can ignore the warning

Knock sensor - generally the resistance of the sensor is around 500Kohm between pin 27 and ground. If it is anything outside this range, then the ECU will flag a fault code (either because open or short circuit). Factory service manual for the S13 SR20DET/RNN14 SR20DET should have the procedure for checking the sensor and relevant voltages

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