S15 SR20DE with S14 SR20DE ECU

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S15 SR20DE with S14 SR20DE ECU

Post by Matt » Sat May 18, 2019 4:41 am

We get asked this often, so here is the info

S15 SR20DE (Autech) ECU does not take one of our boards (same type as SR20VE ECUs)

Other customers have used a 65F00 S14 SR20DE (NA) ECU and then repinned for the S15 SR20DE loom. Details:

Wiring changes for using 65F00 ECU to run S15 SR20DE

S15 SR20DE ECU's cannot be tuned, so many owners are using the "half size" ECU from the S14 SR20DE (65F00). These can be NIStuned using a Type 5 board. Note that only the manual ECU's can be tuned. Autos 65F10) cannot be tuned. Most signals are the same but there are a handful that use different pins, so these must be re-wired.

All information below is for manual ECU's used on manual vehicles. Signals for auto trans vehicles are significantly different and information on these signals is not available.

Signals that differ between S14/15:

S15 SR20 DE
113 = AAC valve (light blue)
105 = VCT solenoid (Red/blue)
111 = O2 sensor heater GND (black/red)
109 = Reverse Electrical Current Flow (white)
14 = Blank as S15 does not use CLK line for consult comms

S14 SR20DE
111 = AAC valve (light blue)
12 = VCT solenoid (Yellow)
109 = O2 sensor heater GND (black)
5 = Reverse Electrical Current Flow (red)
14 = CLK signal for consult comms

So to run S15 SR20DE with S14 SR20DE ECU (65F00) you’ll need to:

1) Remove Reverse Electrical Current Flow wire (pin 109 - white) and insert into pin 5 (blank).
2) Remove O2 Sensor heater GND wire (pin 111 - black/red) and insert into pin 109.
3) Remove AAC wire (pin 113 - light blue) and insert into pin 111.
2) Remove VCT wire (pin 105 - blue/red) and insert into pin 12 (blank).
3) Add a pin/wire to pin 14 and wire to consult connector for consult CLK. *

* I usually steal a pin from an old SR20 loom but you could also probably grab one from an unused/unimportant pin on the same vehicle.

Pete L

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