Help with base tune rb2530

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Help with base tune rb2530

Postby Haydenr32 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:02 pm

Hey guys. Need some guidance.
First thing first I don't have a wide band yet still waiting for mine to come.

I have used a old school combustion analyser with I have used before on old cats and it does work. Also it's blatantly obviues that the car is rubbing rich af.

So here's the deal.
Rb25s0 head on a rb30 bottom end.
Rb20 ecu type 2 board
1000cc Delphi injectirs
Z32 atm
No iacv
Idle is set with throttles

Car runs on stock rb20 ecu just rich af

Have tried resizing afm and injectors as per nistune.
Won't even start.

So iv resized afm only and just moved Tim untill it starts.

So car is now running. Still rich as
Heaps of smoke and running rough as.

When I try to turn down Tim or k further it just gets rougher and stalls but at no point does it seem to run any leaner.

I have read that large injectirs can be tricky.
I know I'm sort of shooting in the dark atm without a wide band. But I do have a airfuel meter up the exhaust and that won't even read on the scale it's that rich.

Is there any simple tricks for big injectirs I'm missing?

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Re: Help with base tune rb2530

Postby Matt » Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:11 pm

Do more reading... our training docs are a good start. Need the wideband

1. Set TIM so AFRs are stoich (14.7:1) on cruise
2. Adjust K until you have trace cursor accessing whole map (use factory load scales)
3. 1000CC will have a very flat fuel map - around 25-35 values (filtered) in fuel map
4. Latency about 1150uS
5. Crank enrich tables usuallu low 5-8ms when warm

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