Nistune auto loading wrong address file

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Nistune auto loading wrong address file

Postby bachig24u » Sun Feb 26, 2017 3:04 pm

Hi Matt,
today needed to view a Z32 ECU calibration.

I opened nistune 1.2.68
it loaded the previosly used HCR32 FP address and rom file.
I changed the bin to Z32 FP bin that I needed to view.
nistune prompted that it need to load the correct address file to match the bin I was using.
nistune opened up, but I noticed the knock fuel maps were back and realised it loaded the non-FP address file.
closed and reopened nistune. it then prompted again to load the correct address file which it decided was an FP address file this time.

not a major issue, I've learn't its best to close and reopen nistune if switching ECU's.

Will the FP addresses be added to the address file selection so you don't have to go browsing for them?
maybe add an option to the address file selection menu to either go with an FP or non-FP?


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Re: Nistune auto loading wrong address file

Postby Matt » Mon Feb 27, 2017 9:09 am

It is best to firstly select the vehicle that you are aiming to work with when using a different vehicle. For example, if you are using the Z32 BIN file then you should File > Select Vehicle > Z32 firstly and then it will clear everything out and you can open the Z32 BIN file

If at this stage the BIN file is 41P0F (feature pack) for example then you will be prompted for feature pack. It should not be necessary doing this way to browse the feature pack folder for the specific address file

Nistune will attempt autodetection where possible, but does has a difficult time scanning BIN files from one ECU to the next and then doing the feature pack detection on top (so going from R32 > Z32 > Z32 FP for example). It will also have issues where you move from 32KB ROM to 64KB (eg vehicle R32 and then load R34 BIN file) since the address space and file sizes are different

So as long as you File > Select vehicle each time you switch vehicles, it will get things right each time

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