Problems with newest update

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Problems with newest update

Postby Topdog781 » Wed Oct 26, 2016 7:46 am

I'm not sure if this has happened to anyone else ... I have not heard anything about it .... but when I updated my laptop with the newest nistune update .... it like completely shut my computer down. I'm talking about it had to run a check disk for like 15 minutes before it was up and running again. Then , when everything is running again it seems like I have additional logging issues with the rs232 db9 port..... sometimes it wants to work ...sometimes it doesn't , the afr will freeze at one value and just repeat it's self in every cell .... I mean I had small logging issues before, but this is more of a annoyance than before ..... I honestly thought I may have had issues because the rs232 db9 port was ageing .... I redid all the connections today ....same thing is happening ... is this a problem on my end or the software because I never noticed this until the update.

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Re: Problems with newest update

Postby Matt » Wed Oct 26, 2016 9:29 am

What version were you running before? So you updated to the 1.2.54 version?

As you can see from the change log on the forum, the changes have been very minor bug fixes. Nothing has been changes with regards to any serial port or communications in the software

Most windows applications should not shut down the entire PC (windows runs different 'rings' where programs are allowed to operate). At worst if there was a problem with Nistune it would freeze up of crash the application itself - not the entire OS

However.... if there is a device connected (which runs in something like ring 0 at the low leve) and the driver for that crashed, then you can get reboots, blue screen of death etc. For example, there are many devices coming from China which are clones (counterfeit) units which have poorly written drivers which exhibit such issues. Brands like Prolific and FTDI have had USB-serial converter chips they have made cloned and the drivers operate poorly. We saw this many years ago and I tried some of them out and saw the issue.

You can try going back to previous version if you suspect it is the software. I understand that it has happened since the update, but I would need to know the previous/current version and compare between those and if it is repeatable, and if you have the same issues with 1.2.52, 1.2.53 etc

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