DLP AD Converter Reading wrong Air/Fuel Ratio on Nistune?

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DLP AD Converter Reading wrong Air/Fuel Ratio on Nistune?

Postby 1SIKZ31 » Mon Oct 06, 2008 7:47 am

The white 0-5v wire from my AEM UEGO was connected to screw terminal #1 on the DLP. The ground on the cars chassis was connected to "GRND" on the DLP. (my wideband is grounded to the chassis as well)
I set the Wideband to configuration > COM4 (com3 didn't connect) (DLP IS selected)
and I set the Lookup table to Program Files > Nistune > Wideband > DLP

AFR and everything is working perfectly, except the AFR's on the wideband are NO WHERE NEARRRR the AFR on the laptop (nistune)
Like the Gauge shows 14.5:1 AFR and Nistune shows 20.0:1 AFR for example.

How can I make it read correctly?
Thanks :shock:

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Postby UNISA JECS » Mon Oct 06, 2008 7:58 am

You probably have to setup your lookup tables to make everything match in nistune what yoru actually AFR are on teh wideband.

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Postby 1SIKZ31 » Mon Oct 06, 2008 4:57 pm

Yes matt mentioned that in his email to me, he said exactly the following:

Put the GND from wideband to GND on DLP and put 0-5v to input 1 on DLP... thats it. Copy the lookup table in the C:\program files\nistune\wideband folder... into the DLP AFR1.CSV file.... read the software manual for more details!

I don't understand exactly what exactly I am supposed to do here?
I set the lookup table under "Configuration" on nistune to:
C:\Program Files\NIStune\Wideband\DLPADConverter

Whats next?
Thanks guys! :D

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Postby Matt » Tue Jan 20, 2009 1:00 pm

PLX Devices wideband units with serial output normally tell Nistune what the AFR is in plain text over the serial port

When you are instead connecting the PLX Device (0-5 volt) output to the DLP Design AD converter (0-5 volt) input you need to

1. Select the DLP AD converter in File-Configuration

2. Select the wideband path to be
C:\Program Files\NIStune\Wideband\DLPADConverter

3. Edit the AFR1.CSV file


The LHS is the millivolts (volts * 1000) and RHS is the reported AFRs

You need to find out what the volts from the PLX device maps to AFRs and then enter this into this table. That may involve contacting PLX to find out what the voltages map to wideband AFR output

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