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Re: 5v senders

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2015 7:08 am
by skylinegtrhr
So did you manage to test these sensors?

Re: 5v senders

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 6:37 pm
they look like std GM sensors we use them also. lsx engines have them from factory, great for logging at a cheap price

Re: 5v senders

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 10:25 pm
by skylinegtrhr
Thanks for direction , can you share a link where you get them? We in Europe don+t have "real" GM only Opel with really sh... sensors made in China or Eastern Europe ...

Re: 5v senders

Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2015 10:24 pm
by 88execvl
Been a bit busy on other projects. Car was a daily for a bit there.

I got that fuel sensor for the ebay link provided.

The G sensor i think came from here as i bought an arduino for my testing bench purposes.

I have had a few delays but have put the yellow wire out of my LC-1 to my DLP and that is running well.

I will over time make a working AIT pre and post cooler and that will pretty much cover my needs.

Updates on the fuel sensor next week i think.