Type 1 HR31 ECCS Connectivity and running faults

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Type 1 HR31 ECCS Connectivity and running faults

Postby Joel » Fri Jul 29, 2016 1:38 am

Hi Matt,

Just posting in regards to some odd symptoms that have occurred with the car following installation of the
Type 1 board (HR31 RB20DET ECCS - 23710-80S03). In one instance from cold the engine would crank but not start,
and whilst doing so the fuel pump kept priming continuously whilst the ignition was on. There was an odd clicking
sound from the engine bay that seemed to be originating from near 6th cylinders injector. Eventually after power
cycling the ECU a number of times I was able to get it to connect to my laptop, whereupon with no further changes
the engine started. Was able to limp home but it was running very poorly, with the seat-of-the-pants feeling as
though it had erratic and retarded timing at least. I got the car home and reverted to a spare stock ECU.

(Note this was prior to the v1.2.60 software update, and I wasn't able to log ignition values at the time
http://forum.nistune.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3345&p=24583#p24583 )

Following that software revision I've refitted the Nistune ECU, and have been able to log ignition timing now.
However on the second drive the engine again wouldn't start, with the symptoms described in the
Troubleshooting and diagnosis document all occurring:

• Both ECU LEDs will either stay lit or pulsate
• Fuel pump may pulsate or stay on continuously.
• Will not be able to connect to the ECU.
• Vehicle will not start whilst trying to crank

Eventually after power cycling the ECU a number of times I got it to connect to Nistune and did a fresh sync of
the OEM HR31_RB20DET_80503_MT_MEC-R72R_bottom.BIN Rom. This reported back as successfully syncing then
burning to EPROM. The engine then started, albeit running quite rough and felt as though it was going to stall.
I captured the short log attached before the engine finally did stall on me. Following that I've not been able
to connect to the board or start the engine, with one such attempt returning the below error:

nistune_hr31_eccs_err.jpg (107.09 KiB) Viewed 4715 times

A visual inspection of the board shows no suspect solder joins or broken tracks on the PCB, (Installation as expected
from the Vendor looks very tidy). I'm not sure where to go from here troubleshooting this problem, would it be
worth trying to flash any of the 23710-80Sxx series ROMs to see if they work at all? Or does this hint that perhaps
the boards ROM has suffered corruption? Don't suppose it could be similar to the issue experienced with another
HR31 ECU http://forum.nistune.com/viewtopic.php?t=1735 here? I don't have the original EPROM chip
replaced during the installation to test with, so can only validate running on the spare stock ECU.
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Re: Type 1 HR31 ECCS Connectivity and running faults

Postby Matt » Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:07 pm

Best to email me directly about this one. I would think it would be best to post the ECU here and I can run it up on the bench. Likley a board reflash or replacement if there is no problems with installation

What could be happening is a problematic joint which then corrupts the board (causes limp symptoms as described) or something already corrupted in ECU program on the board

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Re: Type 1 HR31 ECCS Connectivity and running faults

Postby Joel » Mon Aug 01, 2016 5:06 pm

Thanks Matt, will follow up with you via email.

If it's of any value in your troubleshooting, the only things I altered in the tune was bumping up the base idle speed
at 3 spots between 70-90 degrees of coolant temp. And then trialled setting Warmup timing temp min and Warmup timing temp max
to 0; In order to disable the awful driveability caused by Nissan's excessive ignition retard while the engine is cold. No other changes as
the engine is stock currently. When the oddities started occurring I reverted back to the original ROM image however.

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