Nistune hardware variations and versions

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Nistune hardware variations and versions

Postby Stinky » Sat May 20, 2006 12:45 am

If you have time could you please create a quick summary of the different Nistune boards that are/will be available? Which ecus are they compatible with and why, if possible, would someone choose one over the other. Thanks.
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board types

Postby Matt » Sun May 21, 2006 1:54 am

Type 1 USB Consult boards
Made for older ECUs without Nissan Consult capabilities

Rev 1 -
Only four were made. This had some minor track errors fixed after PCB manufacture and hole sizes were too small for correct edge connectors

Rev 2 -
Only fifteen have been made. These have the onboard track fixes.

However an extra capacitor has been added to the board for filtering and an extra USB board contains some capacitors for noise filtering to stop drop outs.
*Rev 1 boards can be updated with these parts for extra noise filtering

The onboard SMD (surface mount device) NVRAM footprint will not work so only DIP NVRAM can be used using standard socket/NVRAM chip. An adaptor board was also going to be required to program SMD NVRAM onboard.

Rev 3 -
Currently PCB layout is in progress
- More capacitors put onboard to perform maximum noise filtering
- Supports SMD NVRAM
- 84 pin PLCC chip has been replaced with 44 pin QFP to save space
- Board is half the size so it fits into CA18 ECU
- Some extra solder jumpers have been added to support onboard programming of the SMD NVRAM using a Willem programmer, and will utilise a full 32K images for ECUs such as CA18

Basically Rev 3 is to support other ECUs and smaller space requirements.

Apart from that Rev 3 is identical to Rev 2 for the R31 and Z31 ECUs. There is no extra functionality in Rev 3 and NVRAM (DIP package) is supported in Rev 2.

- SMD NVRAM only
- Changed tracks from 8 data lines to Xlinx down to 2 for memory mapping USB determination
- Reducing these tracks and extra logic removes all jumpers downto a single PGM jumper used for programming boards

- Future board using updated FTDI245BL. Reduced component count. Rev1 of their chip has power reset issues so we cant use this. Rev2 is apparently fixed and will be prototyped soon

Type 2
Rev 1
- Initial NVRAM version for R32, Z32 etc ECUs with consult

Rev 2
- Updated version with removal of A14 jumper (not required)

Type 3
16 bit SR20 etc boards.
Numerous prototype revisions were made.

Rev 1
- 4 jumper board using Firmware B/F

Rev 2
- 3 jumper board using Firmware D/G (firmware supports ER34 in Type 4 configuration)

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