S14 kat Batching injectors

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S14 kat Batching injectors

Postby joshten » Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:34 am

Hey everyone very new to the forum and world of nistune. I recently purchased a type 4 board for my kat and I had to tuned by a buddy of mine. It was running great at the start of the first drift event I took it too, but right toward the end of the event the car started bogging and eventually I got to the point I couldn't even keep start it up. It reeked of gasoline and wouldn't turn over. So I decided to pull the fuel pump fuse and the car started right up and it actually held idle for about 2 minutes (without the fuel pump working) before it died. I put the fuel pump back fuse back in and turned it over it would start up and run for a moment or so. And then the same thing would happen. I have checked all the injectors (which are 880cc Deatschwerks) none of them are stuck open or leaking. I decided to pull off the fuel rail to see what it was doing when I started the car and all the injectors were shooting out a ton of fuel and all firing at the same time. Im hoping this is an issue with the tune and hoping someone has seen this or knows the cause and can help me fix this. Thanks for taking your time to read over this.

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Re: S14 kat Batching injectors

Postby Matt » Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:14 pm

If it was running fine for some time and then a problem happened, it doesnt sound like the tune itself unless there was an electrical issue causing corruption to the board, or the ECU is in limp mode

Do you have the usual symptoms of limp mode (CEL on, fans, cannot connect consult)?

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